Sunday, January 22, 2017

Raising Flowers

It takes passion, time and effort in order to successfully plant and raise flowers. It is not a requirement that one has to be a “green thumb” so that she/he can pursue the hobby (or to some business) of raising flowers.  It should be taken into mind that patience and passion for flowers are the main driving factors of raising a flower garden or starting a flower business. It would be a drag everyday if one is just forced to do flower gardening – and this kind of attitude reflects on the appearance of the flowers. Healthy flowers are brought by care and attention given by its owners.

To those who are thinking of raising a flower garden or starting a flower business, the following are some of the basic tips in order to cope up with the demand of raising flowers.

1.    It plays a great factor if you have the passion for flowers.  Most successful flower growers are flower lovers.  The love and care they have for flowers are manifested in their timeless efforts and attention given in raising their flowers.  The efforts in raising flowers come out just naturally if one is truly a lover of flowers. If this is the case, it is not tiring everyday to squat in your garden and till the soil where your flowers are growing.

2.    It is only proper and practical that one has basic knowledge about flowers. How can one start a flower garden or flower business if she/he does not have any idea how to do it.  One should conduct research about the different flowers and the kind of “mending” it needs in order for it to grow healthy. Through research, one will know the kind of vitamins and fertilizers the flower needs as well as the methods of propagating your flowers.

3.    In raising flowers, an ample space is needed and a healthy soil is a big factor as well.  Fine weather also helps in successfully raising flowers, although there are flowers that grow well in cold weather than in the tropics, and vice versa.  A spacious garden is needed so that flower plants can “breathe” well. Also, a spacious area works to the advantage of the owner or to the one mending the flower garden because his/her movement is not limited due to the spacious area.

4.    It also helps if one has the essential equipment or tools in raising a flower garden. Shovel, pails, sprays, gloves, scissors, and the likes are just some of the important tools in mending the garden.  This will make the work in the garden easier and safer.

5.    Just like what we have learned from primary school about mending a garden, it is important to water the plants. Flowers need to be watered for it to remain healthy. Water the flower plants evenly. It helps if one is using a spray or water hose with shower-like head. It should be taken into consideration that one should be gentle in watering the plants so as not to put more force on the flowers. If such happens, there is a tendency that plants withered or uprooted because of too much force.